On this page we will make a list of any and all ARG's that have been referenced in MT15's journal. This will help us figure out where to find our next clues.

  1. Bitter Root: Tuesday - 1st person dream: was in a film theater eating a bucket of something called "Bitter Root" I was intently watching the movie, and the number 151 kept flashing in the corner of the screen. don't actually remember the footage on the screen though, I just know that the film was a romance movie. ( Root website:
  2. Happy Cube Productions: So, it started off with me in a room covered in tiled walls. There were four seats in the room I sat in one and a very thing gangly man sat across from me. He was smiling very very large, it didn't seem like it was possible how large he was smiling. He held up a small cube that had a smile was painted on the cube as large as the mans, and said to me, without breaking his smile, "This is a key, but not right now." He then threw the cube against the wall shattering it into many pieces. He stood up quickly and pointed to the wooden board. Shit, I'm starting to forget the dream. He pointed to the to the wooden board and said something a long the lines of  "its over here" I then walked out into the woods and my mother was sitting there, she smiled and said. "Just be careful, okay?" ( Happy Cube Productions:
  3. That Poppy: When she sobered up she did ask me for more of her drug I said no that she needed to beat it. And she said something really strange. She said "It's too quiet without it..."  She's since been playing That Poppy nonstop.( Lowlife by That Poppy:
  4. Aspicio Omniam: The sky was red with fast rolling clouds. I was in front of what seemed to be an apartment complex but it was the size of a sky scraper. I rang the buzzer and no one replied, I rang two more times, hitting random buttons and the buzzer panel just clattered to the floor. Inside the hole the panel covered was a drawing of a key. I reached inside to pick it up and then instantly I was standing in front of the building again, I picked up a rock and threw it at a window. It shattered and a fawn hopped out of the window. It was moving akwardly, like crossing it's legs and sort of crabwalking over to me. I put out a hand to pet it and a low but loud humming noise rang out from the the building before I waking up in a pool of sweat. ( Aspicio Omniam YT Channel: Bambi's Nightmare blog: